Bukjeh: seeking donations for children’s craft kits

Intercultural community art project, Bukjeh, are seeking art and craft donations to create children’s craft kits for families facing hard lockdown in Melbourne.

Unfortunately, due to the current stage three restrictions around COVID-19, Bukjeh cannot facilitate accepting donations from individuals. So they are seeking local businesses who may be able to donate and deliver materials to the project hub.

However, once restrictions ease we will open up for individual donations so please set aside any materials you can donate.

Things businesses can donate:

  • colored paints of any size/vessel
  • brushes, glue, scissors
  • clay or ant plaster bags
  • coloring books
  • craft kits
  • white and coloured paper, textas, crayons, pencils, glitter, felt, etc
  • containers with lids

To enquire about how a business can get involved please contact Bukjeh.


Featured image credit: Photo by Aseel Tayah.