Creative Development residency for Mapping Melbourne 2017

Tamara Pertamina arrived in Melbourne today to take part in a creative development residency for Mapping Melbourne 2017. Originally from Tasikmalaya, Indonesia, Tamara currently lives and works in Yogyakarta and exhibits throughout Indonesia.  She was in Melbourne last year to take part in an experimental performance piece at Gertrude Contemporary as well as the SHOUT! 2015 exhibition as part of Mapping Melbourne. During this visit she connected with local visual artist Khuê Nguyễn and they are now embarking on the first stage of creative development.

Tamara=Adam is a collaborative work between Mulyana and Tamara Pertamina (Adamulloh), a fellow artist who participated with Yogja artist, Mulyana in a workshop with the transgender community in Sorogonen area, Yogyakarta. This work tells the story of Tamara’s and Mulyana’s opinion regarding Tamara’s gender identity. Their collaboration produced a knitted work in the shape of a love heart that fitted together with raffia embroidery shaped dress. This work was exhibited in Bandung New Emergence, Selasar Sunaryo Artspace, Bandung in 2014 and at the Meat Market Stables Melbourne 2015.