Duniya Behter - Workshop Program

Duniya Behter's workshop program focuses on the development of creative skills and self-expression. It’s all about building the creative workforce of now and the future. Through young people telling stories of their culture and their lived experience through digital works like podcasts, memes, Instagram reels, Tik Tok videos, short films, spoken word, music etc.   

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The workshop program will guide participants through the creative process, allowing them to try their hand at a variety of art forms. We start off with how to come up with and flesh out ideas, how to bring in your cultural and personal identity and what resources are available.  Participants can then branch out into technical pathways, choosing to develop practical skills in one or several genres such as film, digital art, social media, podcasting and sound. 

Workshops may include:
 – How to come up with ideas, shape them, build on them and let go of self-judgement 
Culture – How to tell the stories of your culture and experiences as a person of colour, through art 
Smart Phone Stories – how to write a short film, then shoot and edit it with your phone 
Social Media – How to make Tik Tok and Instagram videos that show your unique outlook and build a following 
Sound – How to make music, produce a song and use sound design to enhance a project 
Podcasting – How to produce your own podcast  

You will be creating pieces of work in each technical module.  

The workshop program will be approximately 2 hours per week with a few longer sessions on weekends or school holidays