Kleio Art Scholarship 2017 For emerging artists of Greek heritage

Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) is proud to announce the inaugural Kleio Arts Scholarship 2017.

Multicultural Arts Victoria in partnership with Chapter Kleio No 15 Daughters of Penelope of Australasian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is offering a scholarship for an emerging artist or cultural worker of Greek Heritage to undertake exciting and career-making arts or professional development opportunity.

Chapter Kleio Chapter Kleio No 15 DOP of AHEPA was created specifically to promote the arts in Victoria and to establish a scholarship to assist emerging artists of Greek heritage – to give them a voice and has joined forces with Multicultural Arts Victoria to offer the scholarship to an emerging artists or artists of Greek heritage.

The members of Chapter Kleio all have a background or careers in the arts whether in writing, film, fashion, photography and performing arts.

In December 2015, Chapter Kleio held a photographic exhibition of Australian artist Margit Selg-Anagnostopoulos’ work on the subject of human connection with the environment, titled a Parallel Angles of Existence and I think to myself what a wonderful world’. The exhibition was curated by Chapter Kleio patron, former ambassadress and curator Mrs Eva T Dafaranos and the Greek Embassy of Australia. The funds raised from the exhibition have been applied to the scholarship.

Chapter Kleio selected Multicultural Arts Victoria as the platform for the scholarship because MAV are an integral body dedicated to the development of culture and language, heritage and cultural expression.

“Multicultural Arts Victoria is thrilled to work in partnership with members of the Chapter Kleio to award this scholarship which is to support the career development of an emerging Greek Australian artist. It demonstrates to the wider community the importance the Greek community in Melbourne places on culture and creative expression to enrich and drive positive change“ says Jill Morgan CEO MAV.

“As a community we need to inspire creative expression across all generations and ensure that art in all of its forms continues to play a vital role in driving diversity, social change and harmony” stated Natalie Livaditis Chapter Kleio spokesperson.

The Kleio Scholarship 2017 is a wonderful opportunity to support emerging artists of Greek Heritage. This is a leadership initiative that we hope will inspire other communities to develop similar support for the artistic development in their communities for young emerging artists “said George Lekakis Chair MAV.

Ms Livaditis states “Chapter Kleio is excited to be associated with this initiative with Multicultural Arts Victoria. We thank Chair George Lekakis AO and Jill Morgan AM CEO of Multicultural Arts Victoria for their commitment to the scholarship. We look forward to the announcement of the recipients and the work which will be achieved through the Kleio Art scholarship.”

$2.000 will be awarded to successful applicant 

Applications open:  Monday 1 May 2017
Applications close: Sunday 30 July 2017

The guidelines and applications are available on line at www.multiculturalarts.com.au

Further information can be obtained by contacting MAV 9188 3681