Kleio Art Scholarship awarded to Rolando Dimitrios Garay

Multicultural Arts Victoria in partnership with Chapter Kleio No 15 Daughters of Penelope of Australasian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is proud to announce that the inaugural recipient of the Kleio Art AHEPA Scholarship for an emerging artist of Greek heritage is awarded to Rolando Dimitrios Garay- Matziaris.

Rolando has a Master of Fine Art (with Distinction), from RMIT University, Graduate Diploma of Education and Bachelor of Creative Arts Industries, Victoria University, Melbourne.

His recent SOLO SHOWs are:
TRUΣ ΒΛUΣ, Tinning Street Presents, Brunswick, Melbourne
WHAT’S MY SCΣNΣ?, Trocadero Art Space, Footscray, Melbourne

Chapter Kleio No 15 DOP of AHEPA was created specifically to promote the arts in Victoria and to establish a scholarship to assist emerging artists of Greek heritage – to give young artists a voice and has joined forces with Multicultural Arts Victoria to offer the scholarship to an emerging artists or artists of Greek heritage.

Chapter Kleio selected Multicultural Arts Victoria as the platform for the scholarship because MAV are an integral body dedicated to the development of culture and language, heritage and cultural expression.

“Multicultural Arts Victoria is thrilled to work in partnership with members of the Chapter Kleio to award this scholarship which is to support the career development of an emerging Greek Australian artist. Rolando is a talented ne artist who is a very deserving recipient of the scholarship. We look forward to his exhibition“
– Jill Morgan AM, CEO, Multicultural Arts Victoria

Ms Natalie Livaditis states “Chapter Kleio No 15 Daughters of Penelope of AHEPA was established with the intent to support and give voice to a young artist in the community. Rolando stood out as a recipient of the scholarship as his work explores contemporary Greek Australian themes which sheds light on the meaning of the modern Greek identity, globalisation and cross culturalism through the eyes of a new generation. We await the new work he will produce through the Kleio Arts Scholarship.”

AHEPA Victoria is very proud to be supporting through AHEPA  Chapter  Kleio the Multicultural Awards for Contemporary Arts with a $2000 scholarship. AHEPA congratulates the winner, Ronaldo Dimitrios Garay-Matziaris, for his extraordinary work in the field of contemporary arts. All in AHEPA look forward to his upcoming exhibition and wish him great success in his future.”– Sofie Mercoulia, State President, AHEPA Victoria

“The Kleio Art Scholarship is a wonderful opportunity to support emerging artists of Greek Heritage. This is a leadership initiative that will support the artistic development for young emerging artists MAV congratulates Rolando”
– George Lekakis AO, Chair, Multicultural Arts Victoria

“I am very proud and honoured to receive the first Kleio Art Scholarship granted by AHEPA and Chapter Kleio. This will allow me to further push and develop my practice. I’d like to thank everyone involved with the set up and organisation of the scholarship.”
 Rolando Dimitrios Garay- Matziaris, inaugural recipient of the Kleio Art AHEPA Scholarship