Photograph of Andy Miller by Deshani Berhardt.

MAV Undergoes Leadership Transition and Welcomes New Board Chair

MAV (Multicultural Arts Victoria) is pleased to announce a significant leadership transition as it bids farewell to Co-CEO and Executive Director, Andy Miller, and welcomes Linda Catalano, as the new Chairperson of the Board.

After serving as a guiding force for the organisation through a pivotal period in its history, Co-CEO and Executive Director Andy Miller has made the heartfelt decision to step down later this year. Andy's remarkable journey with MAV began in 2015 when he assumed the role of General Manager, eventually taking on the position of Co-CEO in 2022. His unwavering dedication and generosity have not only shaped the organisational culture but have also propelled MAV to numerous milestones during his tenure.

His many achievements include: 

  • Completing three four-year Strategic Plans 
  • Securing significant multi-year funding from federal, state and local government sources
  • Forming close private-sector partnerships inc. Gandel & Helen Mcpherson Smith 
  • Establishing new partnerships with tertiary institutions, inc. Monash University & RMIT

The MAV Board expresses its profound gratitude to Andy for eight years of steadfast leadership, which has resulted in an impressive track record of impact and the establishment of strong relationships within the community and the arts sector.

Andy Miller will officially depart from his role on November 30, 2023 and Co-CEO Lauren Mullings will continue to lead the organisation. 

“I have been extremely fortunate to have had a leadership role at MAV and to see it adapt and grow in a rapidly changing environment. Over the years, the MAV team has comprised an exceptional group of talented and committed people. I thank them all for making my experience so exciting and enriching. I thank MAV Board members past and present; I acknowledge my excellent working relationship with Jill, Veronica and Zii; and extend my gratitude to all of the artists, communities and colleagues with whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating.  Now I leave the organisation in the hands of my Co-CEO and Creative Director Lauren Mullings, who, along with a firm commitment to cultural equity, brings over twenty years of experience in leading creative strategies and major public programs that have engaged diverse communities locally and internationally.” - Andy Miller

MAV is also thrilled to announce the appointment of Linda Catalano (Independent Executive Producer and Creative Director) as the new Chair of the Board of Directors, succeeding Michael van Vliet, who served as Chair for five years. Michael will continue to serve on the MAV Board as Secretary.  The MAV Board’s new leadership team also includes Deputy Chair, Neda Rahmani (Arts leader and musician/ Cat Empire) and Vice Deputy Chair Ursula Dyer Lepporoli (KPMG Partner) marking the first time MAV has had all female appointments to these roles. 

Linda brings a wealth of experience in the arts and culture sector to the role. As an Independent Creative and Executive Producer, with both national and international experience, Linda has dedicated her career to developing, presenting and representing intersectional works and underrepresented voices in the arts.

“It’s a great honour to serve MAV as the first female Chairperson. I believe the arts have the power to bring communities together, spark conversations and provoke change. I am looking forward to working alongside our wonderfully dedicated board members, Co-CEO Lauren Mullings  and  MAV team to advocate for greater equity, diversity and representation within the sector.” - Linda Catalano

The entire MAV community looks forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead under the guidance of its synergetic new leadership, as Lauren Mullings, Linda Catalano, the board and staff, work together to advance the organisation's mission and vision.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Theresa Angela
Marketing and Communications Manager, MAV

About MAV:
Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) is a leading arts organisation in Australia dedicated to supporting artists and communities from culturally diverse backgrounds. For 40 years, MAV has been at the forefront of promoting cultural diversity, fostering artistic collaborations, and empowering artists to create innovative and engaging work. Through a range of programs, initiatives, and events, MAV celebrates Victoria's rich cultural heritage and encourages the exploration of multiculturalism through the arts.