Melbourne Art Trams – artists announced!


“Eight striking mobile pieces of art are planned for the 2016 Melbourne Art Trams season, with a new community tram devoted to the destroyed historical Smith Street feminist mural.” – Creative Victoria.

Multicultural Arts Victoria extends a big congratulations to Melbourne Art Tram artists: Jon Cattapan, Mimi Leung,Reko Rennie, Damiano Bertoli, Joceline Lee, Eddie Botha Creations, Eliza Dyball, Megan Evans and Eve Glenn – we are looking forward to seeing your work colour up Melbourne!

MAV put forward EOIs from a range of extraordinary artists and are delighted that two were successful – Eddie Botha and Mimi Leung – and we would like to share a special introduction to them:

Mimi Leung – A Hong Kong born artist, painter, illustrator and printmaker residing in Shepparton, Mimi’s movement driven works have appeared in numerous exhibitions and editorial including The New York Times, Dazed and Confused, The Guardian, Vice, Mute Magazine and more. Through her design she aims to celebrate the tram as an unusual, distinctive and authentic place where audience and artists are intertwined creating an immersive experience through a show of colour and fluidity.

Eddie Botha – A South African born mixed media artist and illustrator using paint, pen, newspaper and collage, Eddie’s work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at Lane’s End Projects with solo exhibition, Artronica. Eddie’s tram is inspired by street art and aims to replicate Melbourne’s urban environment with its many facets, avenues, characters and moods depicted with intricate, intimate scenes filled with a display of characters who colour the everyday streets.

Artist statement on proposed work for Melbourne Art Trams:

Melbourne consists of many cultures, as do Australia. The beauty of our Australian culture lies in the fact that we accept all cultures as our own, and we are an intricate pattern of people and opportunities.

Those spaces between are coloured instead of the people themselves, as this is where wonderful interactions can take place. We all form part of the puzzle, which might at times pose as a maze, but non the less, creates a dynamic and vibrant city and country. We all have a valuable role to play. People are together yet belongs to separate groups, united as Australians no matter where we come from forming local communities and groups.

There are some local artist’s stickers and artwork snippets incorporated into the work as the work is street art inspired and aims to replicate the bust urban environment with many facets, avenues, characters and moods. The media imprints and signs imitate the urban environment, fragments of colour, always evolving and dynamic.

As a friendly nation, we interact and give others a fair go, helping each other. I believe this will always be our legacy and we should preserve this at all cost.

Proudly I present this artwork to you as a Melbournian who came from elsewhere but was accepted so easily with open arms.

Look out for these special trams during Melbourne Festival 2016! #melbfest

Melbourne Art Trams is made possible through a creative partnership between Melbourne Festival, Creative Victoria and Public Transport Victoria in collaboration with Yarra Trams. The Art Trams will be released onto the network in October 2016 and remain on the tracks until April 2017. You can vote for the People’s Choice Award – visit the Melbourne Festival website to read more and cast your vote.