Multicultural Arts Victoria welcomes new Multicultural Policy – Victorian. And proud of it.

Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) Board of Management and staff congratulates the Minister for Multicultural Affairs Mr Robin Scott MP and the Victorian Multicultural Commission on the new Multicultural Policy statement – Victorian. And proud of it.

Our multicultural composition is at the heart of our local and national identity, and intrinsic to our history and character. Our diversity and Victoria’s diaspora gives us a competitive edge socially, culturally and economically in an increasingly complex globalised world.

It demonstrates that Victoria, under the Andrews Government is a proactive leader in the development of a socially and culturally inclusive community. Victoria’s Multicultural Policy statement places importance on individual’s stories and acknowledges the role of being connected to culture and community.

George Lekakis AO MAV Chair states *The Victorian Multicultural Commission and multicultural agencies including Multicultural Arts Victoria will continue to be vitally important for the advancement of our community as a whole.”

This new multicultural policy statement and associated storytelling campaign Victorian. And proud of it  is creatively articulating the benefits of multiculturalism and what we all value as a community.

“Arts and culture are powerful tools to create connection and social inclusion. It is essential safe spaces where refugees can interact within the wider community, learn to navigate the system, develop social connections and acquire the confidence to articulate their cultural identity in the Victorian context are facilitated. This can assist with the settlement and integration process to create a sense of belonging“ says MAV CEO Ms Jill Morgan AM

Victoria’s Multicultural Policy Statement is the shining light in our Victorian community in a climate that is challenging our ethos of equality and a fair go for all.  Reaffirming the shared values that make us a stronger, safer and more harmonious community is to be applauded.


For more information contact:  Jill Morgan 0425776522