Newly released report on 2014 VLGMIN Forum

Enhancing cultural well-being and cultural citizenship through the arts

The Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network (VLGMIN) partnered with Multicultural Arts Victoria and the Cultural Development Network to develop a program for a one-day event that featured award-winning Australian writer Arnold Zable. The forum – themed around multicultural arts – explored enhancing cultural wellbeing and cultural citizenship through the arts. While councils include diverse cultural groups in festivals and special celebrations, much more can be done to embrace the diversity of people from all cultural backgrounds.

What can we learn from each other? What can we do better?

The newly released VLGMIN 2014 Forum Report VLGMIN 2014 Forum Report summarises key elements of the forum and can be used as a point of reference by local government staff working in the area of cultural development, including the arts, to inform their work with their communities and councils.