Project ReWIRE: Artists Announced

Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) is delighted to announce 20 incredibly talented Victorian artists who have been selected to participate in Project ReWIRE, a new artist development program for culturally diverse, mid-career musicians, singers and songwriters.

Produced by MAV, in partnership with key Australian music influencer, Joel Ma, and the Victorian Music Development Office, Project ReWIRE will empower 20 very talented and established culturally diverse artists to explore their positioning in the Australian music industry, to challenge, re-define and contemporize their direction, and to tailor their own artist development plans.

Project collaborator Joel Ma says, “Project ReWIRE is about creating change, building community and cajoling the Australian music industry to make room at the table. The artists participating in this program have been about their business for a while now and the majority are making a living from gigging, recording, teaching and producing. It is inspiring to work amongst so much life experience, so many cultures and musical styles, and everyone sharing the same experience of trying to work in an industry that often doesn’t look like us, sound like us or represent us adequately.

The 2019 Project ReWIRE artists are:

Eva Popov

Iaki Vallejo

Polash Larsen

Marlene Samson

Samuel Gaskin

Alcides Rodrigues Neto

Rayhan Sudrajat

Zii Nzira

Avi Misra

Kathy Aguirre

Vinod Prassana

Ai Yamamoto

Claudio Pizzingrilli

Barbod Valadi

Bolic Malou

Aaron Stephanus

Camilo Sanchez

Carlos Meza

Hailey Cramer

Mindy Meng Wang

Project ReWIRE builds on over 15 years of successful work that MAV has been doing to produce bespoke, responsive artists development programs for culturally diverse musicians. The program will facilitate new pathways and opportunities for mid career artists while also contesting the marginality of diverse music practice in Australia.

MAV CEO Veronica Pardo says, “This project demonstrates Multicultural Arts Victoria’s ambition to be a catalyst for change within the arts sector, mobilising an engaged, intellectual and creative community of culturally diverse artists to present multi-disciplinary work that speaks to who we are as Australians. We are looking forward to partnering closely with these artists to challenge their place at the margins, and making sure their substantial cultural contributions is valued in the creative industries.

Project ReWIRE is proudly supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne, Victorian Music Development Office, Commonground.

Image credit: All Project ReWIRE artists, Joel Ma, Veronica Pardo. Photo by Anita Larkin.