Shepparton Culture Kitchen 2020 | Expressions of Interest Open

Food and the conversations around it are about so much more than what we eat. Food is a key signifier of culture, identity and politics. It means many different things to different people ranging from pleasure, community and connection, to status, survival and human rights.

Shepparton Culture Kitchen is a new project co-produced by MAV and Greater Shepparton City Council, that will explore the diverse food cultures of Shepparton’s diaspora communities and the vital role they play in addressing significant issues of health inequity and disadvantage facing the region. Despite food production and food processing being primary industries in Shepparton, many residents are at risk of food insecurity. This is an issue that particularly impacts local culturally diverse communities given the prevalence of Western framing of good nutrition, a lack of culturally resonant health promotion messaging, and a departure from traditional diets, especially amongst younger generations.

Shepparton Culture Kitchen will engage as experts, a team of 6 local women from diverse backgrounds, to collaborate with artist Jamie Lewis in the design of a range of unique interactive food-sourcing, cooking, and eating experiences and public events for the whole community.

Community storytelling and non – Western knowledge will be at the heart of this project that will offer diverse communities the opportunity to respond to issues of health inequity, to reconnect with their mother cultures, and that will build and diversify local knowledge around food cultures and healthy eating.


We have received VicHealth funding for Stage 1 of the project which will involve a process of research, consultation and co-design to develop a 2 year project plan. This stage of the project will take place from June – October 2020.

We are seeking 6 local women from culturally diverse communities who are creative thinkers and have strong networks and knowledge of traditional food practices, to become part of the Creative Team participating in Stage 1.

Creative Team members must be able to commit to 20 hours of paid work occurring over two Creative Developments on the dates July 31–August 3 and August 14-17.

If funded in Stage 2, the events and activities developed by the creative team will be rolled out over 2 years from 2021- 2022 with potential further employment opportunities.


To be eligible you must meet the following eligibility criteria:
• identify as being a woman aged 18 years and above from culturally or linguistically diverse or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background
• be living in Greater Shepparton with a current Greater Shepparton address
• demonstrate knowledge of traditional food cultures and practices and be willing to share these in the project
• demonstrate ability to work as part of a team
• demonstrate good communication and interpersonal skills
• demonstrate ability to think creatively
• demonstrate respect and acceptance of all cultures and religions and other peoples’ ideas and opinions
• be able travel independently to and from meetings and project activities

INFORMATION FOR ALL APPLICANTS• applications are due by no later than 5pm on Monday 13 July
• applications will be assessed by the Shepparton Culture Kitchen Advisory Committee
• applicants who meet the eligibility criteria must be able to participate in a group interview/ activity Monday 20 July 6pm – 8pm for final selections

INFORMATION FOR SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS• you will work as part of a team of 7 creative women from diverse backgrounds to develop ideas for a range of arts/cultural offerings centred around traditional food cultures and community storytelling
• some examples of the kind of activities that may be developed include food sourcing tours (real time/ self-guided audio), interactive cooking demonstrations and classes, digital stories, shared eating experiences (eg Iftar Dinners), community cookbooks, healthy eating collateral and more etc.
• you will need to be able to commit to 20 hours of paid work including meetings and activities occurring over two Creative Developments on the dates July 31 – August 3 and August 14 -1 7, 2020
• you will need to be willing to share your ideas, culture, knowledge, experience and networks with the group
• being part of this project will be an opportunity to collaborate with others and contribute to the development and delivery of creative and culturally relevant strategies and activities, that support health equity across the whole Shepparton community
• you will be paid a rate of $40 per hour for 20 hours total $800 for your contributions to the project
• you may have the opportunity to be further employed and engaged in the project over a 2 year period in 2021- 2022 if further VicHealth funding is secured

KEY DATES• Expressions of Interest open Wednesday 24 June
• Expressions of Interest close 5pm on Monday 13 July
• Applicants notified of outcome on Thursday 16 July
• Group interview to determine final selections 6pm Monday 20 July
• Final selections made and applicants notified of outcome Friday 24 July
• Creative Development 1: Friday 31 July – Monday 3 August
• Creative Development 2: Friday 14 – Monday 17 August


If you have any questions or need assistance to apply please contact Anita Larkin at or 0434 195 040 or Mellisa Silaga at 0448 483 122

This project is supported by VicHealth, Primary Care Connect, Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria.

Feature Image: Cookin’ up Community, Emerge in Yarra 2018. Photo by Damian W Vincenzi.