SITUATE Artist Residency

SITUATE Artist Residency with DR TISNA SANJAYA

[Melbourne, Australia – Bandung, Indonesia]

Tisna Sanjaya (Bandung, Indonesia) is the first recipient of the inaugural Indonesian Artists Residency program, a partnership between RMIT, Project 11 and Multicultural Arts Victoria. Tisna has been invited to be part of the RMIT 2018 SITUATE program in February/March 2018.

The SITUATE Residency program aims to increase connections and create greater awareness between the Australian and Indonesian artistic and cultural communities and to open up new international creative pathways.

The Indonesian SITUATE Residency is a three-way partnership between RMIT, Multicultural Arts Victoria and Project 11 connecting people through art. Its principle aim is to create a place for experimentation and cross-cultural dialogue between Indonesia and Australia.

This International residency will provide Indonesian artists with a unique opportunity to immerse in a new arts context, market, community and culture. The experience will enable an articulation of practice within a global context and build knowledge, networks and partnerships that support future international arts activity between Indonesia and Australia.

– Jill Morgan AM, CEO, Multicultural Arts Victoria.

The residency will be from 5 February to 6 March 2018 and will culminate in an exhibition in the RMIT School of Art at SITE EIGHT.

Opening: 1 March 2018 @ 5 – 7 PM
Exhibition: 2 – 15 March 2018

Tisna Sanjaya

Tisna Sanjaya is a leading contemporary artist from Indonesia. He was born in 1958 in Bandung, West Java, and currently lives and works in Bandung. Tisna studied etching and lithography at the Bandung Technology Institute, from which he graduated in 1986, at a time of political and social unrest. In the mid-1990s Tisna studied at the Braunschweig University of Art in Germany.

For Tisna, art gains its greatest legitimacy through a direct connection with the life of the people. He has become identified with an important group of activist artists using installation and performance in their work, to ensure human rights and protection of the environment. Tisna Sanjaya’s art education started with Graphic Art, but he works with all kinds of media. His graphic works portray the theme of humanity, executed with fine quality intaglio technique and lithography. He is  known for his powerful paintings, etchings and activist performance art, often profiling  challenges facing Indonesia and our global community.

Image Credit: Tisna Sanjaya, Teater Absurd, 2013