Smartphone Stories


In January 2019, Cinespace and Multicultural Arts Victoria will run introductory smartphone filmmaking workshops.

Workshops are for people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and will be run in Brimbank and Wyndham council areas.

**WHAT IS A SMARTPHONE STORY?**A smartphone story is a short film made entirely on a mobile phone.It might be a comedy, a drama, a documentary, or something else.It has a beginning, a middle, and an end.It can be made by one person, or by a team of people.A smartphone story can be made by anyone. It can be set in unusual places, or talk about new and different things.

**WHAT IS THE WORKSHOP?**The workshop is three sessions, each of four hours.

You will learn skills in:
– producing
– directing
– writing
– camera
– lighting
– sound
– editing
– ways to tell stories using a smartphone

You will also receive:
– license to the Filmic Pro app for your smartphone
– access to additional equipment, subject to availability (lenses, lights, gimbal)
– up to 5 hours mentoring (script, editing, advice) per project, subject to availability
– discounted services for sound mixing and mastering available (optional)

We will give you skills and equipment to get started. You will complete your film in your own time, with mentoring support, and showcase it at our launch event in mid 2019.

Brimbank workshop:  Wednesdays 12-4pm (January 2019),  ages 16-18.

Wyndham workshop:  Saturdays 12-4pm (January 2019), ages 18-24.

You don’t have to live in those areas to participate.

**WHO ARE WE?**The workshops will be facilitated by Daniel Schultheis from Cinespace along with youth worker, author, comedian, former refugee and Australian Red Cross Ambassador, Abdi Aden, and project support from Multicultural Arts Victoria.​Daniel has been working in community filmmaking and education for more than 15 years, a former ISSI Fellow researching microbudget movies, and passionate about smartphone storytelling. Abdi is an accomplished storyteller, youth worker and filmmaker.

WHO ARE YOU?– Identifying from a diverse cultural background
– Aged between 16 and 24
– Have a smartphone
– You or your team have an idea for a narrative screen story (for example, a comedy, a drama, a documentary)​​​​
– You are self-motivated and passionate about making stories

Interested? Use this form to register for updates and application details.

Smartphone Stories is proudly supported by Brimbank City Council Youth Grants & Wyndham City Council Community Grants.