Update on the Feasibility Study for a House of World Cultures

The House of World Cultures (HoWC) is a place of discovery and offers a unique opportunity to activate Victoria’s living cultural heritage.

A HoWC in Victoria would be a leading light in contemporary art and current developments in world cultures, where exploration is encouraged, a dialogue is created and intercultural collaborations are initiated, emphasising the vital role of culture for the progress of society at large.

The HoWC will transform hearts, minds and lives. It will grow Victoria’s creative industries by educating and nurturing an appreciation of diverse cultural expressions and will celebrate Victoria’s uniqueness, our diversity. It will ensure the State is at the forefront of social cohesion and cultural democracy and will provide important international links to global communities.

The HoWC will be recognised internationally as an iconic symbol of cultural diversity, contributing to the cultural, social and economic growth of Victoria’s multicultural population.

The HoWC will provide a platform for our growing population to participate in the creative industries expanding the cultural tourism infrastructure within Victoria.

HoWC will enhance Victoria’s reputation as the creative capital, symbolically recognising the cultural value of the community. It would promote Victoria as the creative State and as the leader in social cohesion and community harmony. It will deliver a broad range of activities and events to artists and visitors to enjoy, reflect and learn – extending its program to communities in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

By establishing a world renowned symbolic and creative place where all cultures are welcome to express, share, participate, celebrate and learn, we will ensure a strong cultural legacy for the State of Victoria.

It is about our future.


The HoWC provides the State with the opportunity to align with, promote and celebrate the UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expression. The HoWC is shaped the guiding principles of cultural vitality, creative aspiration, social equity and global harmony – building on the foundations of partnership, respect and human rights.

The HoWC feasibility study, commissioned by Multicultural Arts Victoria, indicated that there are currently no symbolic places for the celebration of cultural diversity that will meet the goals proposed for the HoWC. The feasibility study explored various options for this initiative including Princes Pier as a possible site. MAV are exploring further site
options for the HoWC.

The development of a House of World Cultures aligns with a range of Victorian Government policies, priorities and programs as well as relevant national and international policies.

As Victoria moves towards a more culturally diverse population, consideration of the impact this increasing diversity will have on the community and its wellbeing is paramount.

Activities offered by the HoWC would include multicultural performances, mentoring programs, professional development of artists, a five senses learning centre, master classes, training, community cultural development workshops and educational programs. These activities will enable communities, tourists and residents to enjoy and share the experience of Victoria’s diversity.

The HoWC will involve many artists and communities in the delivery of the HoWC program of events and activities that encourage community access and engagement, and promotes cultural tourism, creating significant cultural, social and economic benefits for Victoria.

The HoWC will provide a sustainable and innovative use of a space to boost Victoria’s creative economy and tourism. The HoWC would contribute enormously to the State’s growth and unique character.



Creative Aspiration
• Inspiring innovation and celebration that explores cultural identity
• Giving voice and creative opportunity to all cultures
• Growing dynamic Australian creative cultural content Cultural Vitality
• Creating unique intercultural and cultural experiences
• Renewing cultural expressions
• Shaping new cultural narratives through sharing different perspectives

Social Equity
• Affirming that arts and cultural diversity defines our community
• Strengthening the creative ecology to ensure access for all
• Facilitating creative social enterprise that builds resilience, sustainability and brings social, cultural and economic opportunities

Global Harmony
• Encouraging discourse on contemporary issues of our time
• Building capacity across communities, thinking globally
• Embracing identity and cultural knowledge
• Enhancing cultural diplomacy and cultural tourism 9

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