Welcoming Cities: creating cohesive, more inclusive communities

Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) congratulates Welcome to Australia and the Scanlon Foundation on yesterday’s launch of the draft Standard to provide a best practice accreditation framework in diversity and inclusion practices for Australian local councils.

The draft Standard was launched yesterday, and made available for public comment, at the 2nd national Welcoming Cities Symposium.

The Welcoming Cities initiative – launched in March 2016 – aims to grow a national network of local governments recognised for fostering a sense of community belonging and socio-economic participation for all people, particularly newcomers.

Local councils in partnership with community agencies and businesses are best placed to understand the complexity and nuances within their area. They can also leverage the cultural ideas and innovation that come from being welcoming and inclusive.

MAV CEO Jill Morgan AM said that Multicultural Arts Victoria looks forward to
working with stakeholders on this important initiative. “It will advance the social, economic and civic contribution that all residents can make to a community”, she said.

“We particularly look forward to working with the team at Welcoming Cities and local government on achieving a higher level of recognition of the pivotal role the arts and culture play in nurturing a welcoming environment for new arrivals to our communities”, Ms Morgan said.

Visit www.welcomingcities.org.au  for more information.