Image credit: Gracieuse Amah, TAKEBACK! 2021, photos by Deshani Berhardt

Diasporas 2023

Thu 27 Oct 2022 - Sat 22 Jul 2023

Dreamed into being during 2020, DIASPORAS is a MAV program set to disrupt the dominant systems of working which often suffocate creatives of colour and our arts and culture sector.  

We aim to platform and advocate for diverse & marginalised artists to create new work, new networks, sustainability in the arts and establish a new arts ecology.

Led and peopled by community who embody MAV's values of genuine people-centred leadership and self-determined practice, Diasporas as a program intends to:

  • Lead in the interrogation and development of revolutionary arts and cultural practice.
  • Promote and advocate the visibility of the hidden and marginalised creatives, cultures and communities.
  • Become an eco-system that builds cultural, social and knowledge capital, and acts as a training ground for the next generations of producers, designers, technicians and creatives.