Image credit: Mask by Soyoun Kim is featured in the above artwork.

Diasporas 2021

From 30 Jun 2021

Diasporas is set to disrupt systems of power in the arts, ignite artistic practices and represent diverse creatives and their communities.

Diasporas is created for, by and with diverse creatives as an artistic intervention to increase visibility, participation and equity in the arts towards a new arts ecology.  

More than a festival, Diasporas holds space for the interrogation and development of arts and cultural practice with diverse artists and communities. Diasporasis a springboard for building culture, connection and knowledge and a training ground for the next generation of producers, designers, technicians, and creatives. 

Diasporas launched in 2021 with a series of commissions open to diverse creatives across Victoria.  

Through the Diasporas Commissions, MAV seeks to create opportunities for participation that uphold models of self-determination, by prioritising marginalised and under-represented lived experiences. 

We look forward to receiving applications from First Nations creatives, including collaborations with other POC artists and creatives.

Read more about Diasporas here.

Diasporas is supported by Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne and the Australia Council for the Arts.