Artwork: Forever Dance by Creature Creature.

Mapping Melbourne 2020-21

Wed 2 Dec 2020 - Thu 28 Jan 2021

“As with most arts offerings in 2020, Mapping Melbourne has had to reimagine itself in the context of COVID-19, adapting to new and ever changing conditions for public events.

This year, the challenges presented have enabled MAV to find the essence that makes our programs so valued by communities. Investing in artists and artistic practices that speak to the importance of our identity as a society that deeply values its diversity has been the driving force behind Mapping Melbourne this year. Even as the spectre of racism has raised its head in the context of the pandemic, it has been drowned out by citizens whose attitudes and beliefs have been, in significant ways, shaped by diverse artists and creatives.

We are delighted to celebrate the eighth and final year of Mapping Melbourne with some of the most talented Asian Australian artists in our community. Mapping Melbourne has been instrumental in platforming, profiling and growing opportunities for artists to create and present new work, through local and international collaborations that put the spotlight on our geographical, social and cultural landscape. This year is no different.

We sincerely thank all the participating artists for the energy, perseverance and vision they have shown in extraordinary circumstances. We hope that our program reflects the strength and resilience of diverse communities, the value of investing in culture to connect and heal, and the importance of family and community to get us through difficult times.

We thank our supporters and funders for their unwavering commitment to diverse artists and communities and of course, to the Mapping Melbourne team, who have risen to the challenge one last time, placing Melbourne on the map as an extraordinary multicultural city.”
– Veronica Pardo, MAV CEO

Message from the Minister for Creative Industries

Welcome to Mapping Melbourne – a festival that shines a light on the strong creative links between Victoria, the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Locally and globally, 2020 has presented a raft of challenges, the likes of which we’d never imagined. While the pandemic has closed borders, maintaining and  strengthening our relationships across the globe, and particularly with our close neighbours, is as important as ever.

Moving online this year, Mapping Melbourne is a platform for independent artists to showcase work that makes you stop and think, while fostering greater understanding across cultures.

From short films, to online exhibitions and watch parties, this year’s digital showcase will help strengthen the careers of local artists through new collaborations and connections.

73 local artists and 15 international artists will participate this year, with international collaborations from Indonesia, China, Japan, Germany alongside works from local Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai, Burmese, Malaysian and Sri Lankan artists.

Collaborative, culture-rich initiatives like this strengthen Victoria’s reputation as the creative state. The Victorian Government is proud to support Multicultural Arts Victoria to present Mapping Melbourne – congratulations to the team and to all creatives involved.

Danny Pearson MP
Minister for Creative Industries

Message from the Lord Mayor Sally Capp, City of Melbourne

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Advisory Panel 2020: Rani Pramesti, Takashi Takiguchi, Pimpisa Tinpalit and Bianca Winataputri

Special thanks to the Mapping Melbourne 2020-21 Team:
Freyja Macfarlane, Producer
Creature Creature, 2020 Visual ID
Deshani Berhardt, Graphic Designer
Sneha Varma, Marketing, Communications and Co Producer
Christian Biko, Digital Producer
Margot Tanjutco, Copy writer

All the amazingly talented and resilient artists and producers that make up Mapping Melbourne.

Principal Partners:

Supporting Partners: