Ticket to Solidarity

MAV is trialling a new ticketing policy*, Ticket to Solidarity.


We want to hear from you. Tell us what you think of our ticketing policy by giving our staff feedback at the Emerge in Yarra festival or completing the feedback survey below.

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*We consider this policy to be a Special Measure under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010, as we are attempting to address the substantive inequality experienced by Culturally and Linguistically Diverse People, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, People with disability and LGBTIQA+ people in relation to employment outcomes and economic participation. We recognise the links between racism and economic participation and status.


Why not the same price for everyone?

Racism affects us all, but not in the same ways. Some people are disproportionately affected by racism which is unfair and undesirable in our society. When thinking about what we can do to address this problem, we immediately thought about how to redress the balance, by making it easier for those affected by racism to access our programs without obstacles.

Isn’t this reverse racism?

No, it’s about recognising how privilege works in our society to afford some people opportunities while locking others out of those opportunities because of certain attributes. This trial is about rebalancing the scales, to take account of the economic impact of racism and increase our equality.

Why has this come up now?

MAV is committed to addressing the causes and impacts of racism across all its work. This includes looking at how racism impacts on income inequality, and how income inequality impacts cultural participation. When talking with artists and producers whom we work with, there was a shared interest in removing as many barriers to participation as possible.