Arts as diverse as our people.

MAV has a profound commitment to arts and artists shaping the narratives that define who we are as a multicultural nation.

Up Close | Darebin Sessions

The newest season of UpClose takes place in Darebin and features amazing local artists: Karina Lehman (Chile), Camille El Feghali (Lebanon), Sarita McHarg (India), and The New Monos (Argentina).

Their music performances were filmed at Preston Market where aromas, languages, and cultures from all around the world meet.

Shepparton Culture Kitchen Experience

Celebrating two years of working together, the women of the Shepparton Culture Kitchen offer this special opportunity for community to share in a diversity of flavours, stories and food cultures.

Duniya Behter

Duniya Behter is an experience that will see women and young people from CALD communities, in Bendigo and Shepparton, drawing from the resource of their cultural roots, to build creative businesses and produce new digital creative work.


Meet the artists and communities

Jamie Lewis

Singaporean-Australian Artist, Curator, Dramaturg, and Facilitator

Based on Wurundjeri Country in Melbourne, Jamie Lewis is a Singaporean-Australian artist, curator, dramaturg, and facilitator. She creates and curates site-responsive performances that engage audiences as participants, and communities as artists; and often works with autobiographical stories, conversation and food. Committed to diversifying practice, Jamie seeks alternative models in her work and a re-imagining of leadership, governance, and structures. Jamie is currently CEO / Executive Director at Next Wave. She has previously been the Program Manager at TNA (Theatre Network Australia), on the Board of MAV (Multicultural Arts Victoria), and was in the 2018 cohort of Australia Council for the Arts’ Future Leaders program.

Mellisa Silaga

Samoan Cultural Leader

Meet Mellisa Silaga, Community Engagement Facilitator for Shepparton Culture Kitchen, Samoan cultural leader, Director of Know Your Roots and Pasifika Festival and Co Founder of Point of Difference Studio.

Eman Alabbassi

Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Eman and her young children endured great hardships to reach the safety of Australia when war made living conditions unbearable in Iraq, in 2002.

Le’aisa Pele

Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Le’aisa immigrated to Australia in 2004, seeking better opportunities for her family and young children. On visiting Shepparton one Easter, Le’aisa was drawn to the calming presence of Victoria Lake and soon settled in the area.

Shakilla Naveed

Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Shakilla arrived in Australia in 2017 after a difficult journey to escape the dangers of war in Afghanistan, where some of her family remain today.

Yusniza Yusoff

Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Yusniza immigrated to Australia over seven years ago to work on a dairy farm, choosing to live in Shepparton for the English language support it offered for her young children when they first arrived.

MAV Arts

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Who we are

We make art as a visceral response to the forces of bigotry and intolerance, which seek to undermine the hard-fought battle for pluralism.

We make art to understand who we are as migrants on Indigenous land.

We make art to draw attention to the work that is still needed to future proof our identity as a society that deeply values its diversity.


Arts as diverse as our people.


We champion culturally diverse artists and communities to create systems of cultural production and participation that uphold equity and self-determination.

MAV Values

We champion culturally diverse artists and communities


We privilege non-western ways of doing, knowing and being, to tell stories that illuminate our humanity and improve intercultural understanding;


We strive for cultural democracy, sharing our knowledge and skills with partners across the arts and cultural sector to build platforms for engagement and visibility;


Diverse communities see themselves represented in and by us, in work that resonates with their truths, underpinned by shared values and dreams of new futures; and


We are outspoken in our support of cultural participation as a human right, from which we derive social, cultural and economic benefits for the development of individuals and society.